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To take the true measure of a company, you have to talk to the clients first.

Who are our clients? Talented, ambitious, hard-working professionals.
We’d like to introduce you to a few of them. 

Illinois Manufacturing Foundation 

“Virginia McGann is a consultant with us. She inherited a big mess and has done a great job cleaning up the financial aspects of our organization.

She is very hardworking, bright, honest so she was able to tackle this financial problems that we had.”

Jim Neylon, Board President
Illinois Manufacturing Foundation 

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“If you want someone handling a critical function for your business with the experience and knowledge to perform at the highest level – they will take the headache out of your pile of problems. Critical element for any small business. 

Having our books done better and more professional has helped reduce the overall cost. The books are cleaner when they get to the CPA firm so costs less. Every nickel at the margin is value to the bottom line.

For small service firms, small manufacturing, sole proprietorship that don’t have the overhead capability to handle it in-house, they fit the bill. They have more experience than you would get from a temporary service or putting someone in-house.”

Steve Bowers, President
Property Valuation Advisors

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“We were experiencing growing pains and got a referral from the Illinois Tollway to Integrated Back Office Solutions (formerly Value Management Resources) to help with our Certified Payroll compliance. While discussing our back office processes, Virginia suggested ways for us to automate much of our financial work from both the field and in the office.

We are now integrating a new payroll platform with a robust accounting system. We look forward to more and better data to manage our growth to the next level.”

Lizzette Medina, Founder & CEO
Lizzette Medina and Company


“Anyone looking for a strategic partner to figure out how to help them move forward, they will get it done and get it done effectively. If there is an issue – which often happens in a small business – this is one of their critical strengths. They find the solution. That has been important to me.

I come from a large corporate background and having resources of people. So when I realized that I don’t have that army of people to do things, it was great that I can turn to their team and they can fix it for you. They are certainly resolution oriented.

They have become a part of my business and not just a service representative. I can count on them to be just as responsive as one of my employees. They are a team member. Highly personalized.”

Gilbert Melott, Principal
Gil Melott Studio

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“They do it all. I don’t know if anyone else could take it over. It’s not as easy as people think to get certified.

With what I do – anything to do with construction, or selling something to the city or state – there’s a lot of paperwork if you want to work under the minority contractor status. And the company is put in a precarious position if it’s not done right.

They do all my minority paperwork for the city and the state. That’s their world, they understand it. Someone else taking it over might not understand the process and the requirements.”

Mike Seay, President
Allstate Concrete Cutting

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