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Most of us accept that we can’t fix our laptop. Accounting and IT, on the other hand, seem like things we should be able to do.

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Here are three reasons why shouldn’t do your own accounting and IT unless that’s all you do:

We’re unapologetically obsessive about bringing the best technology, the most secure solutions, and the smartest people to the task.

Here’s how we can help.

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Most small business owners work twice as much as their hardest working employee. And if the business fails to generate an adequate profit, their response is to work even harder. But working even harder on tasks you haven’t been trained for is not a solution. You need to work smarter.

Working with IBOS is working smarter.
Here’s our three-step outsourced process: 

This package includes:

  • An accounting team that’s on the job 9-5, M-F
  • Operating budget & financial analysis, projections, planning
  • Balance books
  • Cashflow management
  • Payroll processing
  • Profit and loss reports
  • Accounts payable, receivable, collections
  • Financial reporting & compliance

“She inherited a big mess and has done a great job cleaning up the financial aspects of our organization.“

Want to do something other than bookkeeping or billing on the weekend? We think you should.

What Is and Isn’t IBOS Outsourcing?
Good question...

IBOS Outsourcing is...

IBOS Outsourcing is not...

QUIZ: When should you outsource with IBOS?

It depends upon your Financials…

  • Are you confident that your financials are accurate?
  • Are your payroll, income, and expenses getting recorded on time?
  • Is your bookkeeping software current? 
  • Do you feel that you’re overpaying for financial help?
  • Are your financials providing an economic analysis of your business to help guide improvements and growth?
  • Do you struggle to assess the impact of big decisions?
  • Do you dread doing the books?
  • Is time spent bookkeeping the best use of that person’s time?

And also your IT…

  • Are you confident that your data and your clients’ data is secure?
  • Is internet connectivity a problem?
  • Do you often struggle with software programs?
  • Is tech downtime straining your productivity?
    Do you feel that you’re overpaying for managed IT help?
  • Are you slow to update or replace your software?
  • Have you turned the youngest member of your staff into a de facto IT professional?
  • Are you adequately maintaining your devices?
  • Is your data storage maxed out?

If 3 or more of the issues above are problems you’re currently dealing with, the time is now.

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This is for all the small business owners who don’t actually have a back office: a seamless integrated service package that eliminates the two biggest worries for small business owners – cashflow and a data/security breach. You get our Outsourced Finance & Accounting Package + Outsourced Managed IT. And we will set your business up for greater success in just 90 days.

This package includes:

  • An accounting team that’s on the job 9-5, M-F
  • A technical support team that’s on the job 24/7
  • Hardware & software assessment and maintenance
  • Immediate problem detection & resolution
  • Data storage & backups
  • Cybersecurity
  • Operational support

Cash flow and IT issues keeping you up?  We created Sleep Tight just for you.

“If there is an issue, which often happens in a small business, this is one of their critical strengths: they find the solution… I can turn to Virginia and her team and they can fix it for you.”

Choose only the services you need when you need them. We’re ready to support you as you grow.

  • Operating budget & financial analysis, projections, planning
  • Book balancing
  • Cashflow management
  • Payroll processing
  • Profit and loss reports
  • Accounts payable, receivable, collections
  • Financial reporting & compliance
Featured image for IBOS Back Office showing two professionals talking in front of a laptop

“If you want someone handling a critical function for your business with the experience and knowledge to perform at the highest level – they will take the headache out of your pile of problems.”

Know you need help but not sure what kind? We can figure this out together.

Featured image for the IBOS Certified Payroll showcasing engineers at a construction site

Are you working on a government project that requires certified payroll? We can help you with that. We’ve been certifying payroll for years. In addition to employees’ wages, benefits, and hours worked, we’ll certify that the work employees were hired to do is being done correctly and completely.

“Virginia suggested ways for us to automate much of our financial work from both the field and in the office. We are now integrating a new payroll platform with a robust accounting system. We look forward to more and better data to manage our growth to the next level.”

Certified Payroll can be complicated! Need some qualified help? 

If your business is majority-owned by women, minorities, veterans or other disadvantaged individuals, you’ll need to get your business certified to win those government and corporate contracts. It’s a significant process! And if your certification application is rejected, you have to wait a year before applying again. 

We make an onerous process efficient and painfree. And we do it on a fixed fee basis. We use your proprietary documents and supplement those with templates we’ve developed as needed.

Featured image for the IBOS business certification, showcasing an inclusive work environment

“They do it all. I don’t know if anyone else could take it over.  It’s not as easy as people think to get certified.”

Certification is your way in and up. Don’t let the paperwork get you down.